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Instant API®, Inc. is the only 360 degree API-as-a-Service on the market. Instant API makes the whole process of building your API extremely easy and covers API creation, API hosting, API management, API discovery, API monetization and API documentation. All of these features at a fraction of the cost. In fact, most companies can realize significant savings, implementing and supporting their API initiatives. Build an API for your data, add functionality quickly wherever you are, then sell your API and make it discoverable by others - all on InstantAPI®. We want everyone to be able to make APIs, so we’ve made the process as simple as possible. Because we’ve made the process so simple, companies and developers of all types can also shorten their time to market significantly with new APIs brought to life in minutes.

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“InstantAPI fills a gaping hole in the market. They are danger-close to upending the entire API paradigm.”

- Eric Kavanagh, CEO @ The Bloor Group

"InstantAPI makes it easy Create, Host, Manage and Monetize APIs from Existing Data and Services. What used to take months now takes minutes and at a fraction of the cost."

- Jessica Cox

"With InstantAPI, developers can create an API for their services and publish them in minutes."

- Frederic Lardinois

“InstantAPI is the missing link in the API eco-system.”

- Martin Tantow, Founder @ & 3Scale

"InstantAPI marries apps and websites to data. It’s a quick-pull lever to create customized application programming interfaces, the bridges that support interactivity between software."

- Jason Shueh

Press & Quotes

"InstantAPI is a new API management service designed to significantly cut the time required for API development and launch logistics."

- Bill Doerrfeld

"The idea behind Instant API is that you can create and publish an API in minutes. Simply hook up your database, determine the endpoints and let InstantAPI do the rest, including the all-important documentation."

- Martin Bryant

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